Where to Hang out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Not feel like a Tourist

Most people think Rio is all about the beach, and to a good degree it is, however the city has put a lot of effort recently into revitalizing the downtown area. Colonial buildings are coming back to life, some seriously impressive street art to rival that of London or Paris is evident. Where the street artists are, the cool will follow, that means when the sun goes down the place to be is off the strip and downtown in Le Blon.

The streets are lined with, bars and restaurants, beautiful people spill out onto the pavement you can’t help but feel all Latin. Suddenly you wish to break into spontaneous dance, laugh loudly and genearally not take yourself soooooo seriously.

if you only have one night in Rio, lets say after a business trip where youve just done boring dinners, and you want to get a real feel for Rio beyond the beach, head to Rua Ferreria. This is a slice of Rio cool you won’t find on the touristy beach strip. A good place to aim for is Sushi Le Blon and it’s environs.

Sushi Le Blon, is one of those chic restaurants frequented by beautiful locals, no reservations are accepted and you may have to wait in line a little. That’s ok though as you can watch the world go by or nip across the street for a quick drink while you wait for your table. Brazil has some of the best sushi in the world, mainly due to the huge Japanese population…I am a big sushi fan and have eaten at some of the worlds most renowned sushi places, I can safely say Sushi Le Blon won’t disappoint. We started with delicious Japanese mushrooms, followed by two huge boats of sashimi/sushi, all washed down with sake served in the little wooden boxes. Cute but awkward, i find. Model types both male and female swished in and out and it was all very jolly. they arrived with some tempura which I don’t like, but it looked like a piece of art.

Afterwards, we sauntered down Rua Ferreria and randomly stopped in to some places for drinks. A little troupe of samba guys showed up in a van and piled out of it clown car style, the whole street turned into a mini carnival for about 20 minutes, I got pulled up to dance a samba irish jig kind of thing, then as soon as they had arrived they left again…blaring music down the street and spreading carnival atmosphere elsewhere. This I don’t think is normal as its pre carnival here in Rio I am told this guerrilla type activity happens in the run up to carnival only. Hey, make the most of a good thing I would say

I went home that night intoxicated by sake, but also by the spirit of Rio.

Sushi Le Blon

Verdict: Look beyond the beach, head to Le Blon and Rua Ferreria. If you like sushi and don’t mind the scene hit up Sushi Le Blon.

For Who: Everyone out for some stylish adult fun. Business travelers, tourists…





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