001: Speakeasy Bar, Graham Street Hong Kong

We can’t give the a more accurate address for this place other than: Graham Street, near Queen Street, between a stall selling live squid and a store selling paper lanterns, you will find a black door, knock on it and with any luck it will be 001. It’s a speakeasy, so half the fun is … Continue reading


Doonbeg Golf Club, Hotel and Spa Co. Clare, Ireland

What can I say about this wonderful place? Almost…almost, everything about the accommodations, the scenery, the service and the sympathetic architecture are spot on here. I will admit thought that I am somewhat biased given that I grew up not ten minutes away from this lovely spot. Back then it was known simply as “The … Continue reading


Enough Already, Get Me Home

Getting ill whilst traveling is always a bit of a worry. I've been wildly lucky however and have survived unscathed everything from street food markets in Bangkok and Delhi, horse riding in Argentina, temple exploring in Indonesia and wild swimming in Malaysia. It was Italy however that eventually got the best of me. After two … Continue reading


The Mona Lisa Scrum

I was back in Paris recently for and it got me to reminiscing. I lived here for several years, not so long ago and was a frequent visitor to the many excellent Parisian museums. Back then, as now, the Louvre did not charge entry on the first Sunday of each month. This meant I could … Continue reading


Cebu Pacific Airlines: Review

Cebu Pacific is a perfectly fine way to fly. Its one of two budget airlines serving the Philippines, the other being Zest Air. For domestic transport to the beautiful Islands around Palawan and the Calamiain Island chain it can't be beat, it has the widest reach and the most flights and is priced just right. … Continue reading


Where to Stay in Coron Philippines: Accommodation

Accommodation in Coron in Northern Palawan is varied in terms of quality and price. On a recent trip for various reasons I stayed at two different places. I was in search of total solitude and relaxation, and happily I managed to find it. My general recommendation here would be to avoid staying in Coron town, … Continue reading


Playing Polo in Argentina: Puesto Viejo Estancia and Polo Club Argentina

Conference centres in hotels are surely the cruelest form of corporate torture. Windowless, soulless and freezing cold due to over air-conditioning. No matter where you are in the world they will wreak havoc on your spirit. Many is the 16 hour day I have spent in these places, watching powerpoint presentations and pretending to be … Continue reading


World’s Best Bars: The Blind Pig, Speakeasy Manila

Having some knowledge of the Manila bar scene, or lack thereof. I was absolutely flabbergasted to find myself sitting in a darkened booth behind an unmarked door in a Bar worthy of international acclaim. The Blind Pig, has everything you could ever ask for from a modern day speakeasy.Tog the knowledgable and passionate head bartender … Continue reading


Emirates Airlines, You Rock…..British Airways YOU SUCK.

Take your points and SHOVE them British Airways I am done. A loyalty scheme is supposed to engender loyalty. You spend all your money with one airline and you get treated better than if you spread it around. But the deal with BA is broken. The special treatment is only face value, they use loyalty … Continue reading


The Botanical Gardens: Singapore

I am very ashamed to say that although I have lived in Singapore for 18 months, this weekend was my first trip to the Botanical Gardens….I have been to the lovely Gardens by the Bay which are a sort of Sci-Fi landscape architect project, replete with 20 meter metal trees and two fully enclosed and … Continue reading


Climbing Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia

Birthdays. When you are a child they mean candy, cake and toys. In your teens and twenties they mean parties champagne, nightclubs and vampire weekends. Once you start staring down the barrel of 40, they begin to stink of mortality and the inevitability of the passage of time. Some, when this barrier is reached, choose … Continue reading

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